Take Kazeroon

Kazeroon city in having one of the most ancient cities of Iran is considered

Dare it be said that nowhere in Iran to the size of the works related to the Sassanid era in its place is not the single largest stone statue Sassanid period (statue of Shapur I), 9-reliefs of 30 reliefs of Sassanid era, the historic city Bishapour , the Sassanid era inscription wall with a length of 20.5 meters and a width known as the inscription Kartir 70/2 meters, the beautiful temple of Anahita (goddess of water), numerous temples, royal road of this country and other valuable works, all show the greatness of this city.

However, what is mentioned is just part of the historic city Kazeroon is if archaeologists in excavations in the region were certainly invaluable work in another out of the soil will be because the majority of which also lectured it mentioned the year 1347 Hijri and for drilling noble and worthy professor Dr. proud, have been removed from the soil

Copyrights: 1380/ BY : Eng.Reza Bahadoran