During the fourteen centuries of Islamic history, Kazeroon then, of this great city have risen a lot in the name of their name in different fields of scientific, cultural and artistic books decorate the offices are located. Here dignitaries and list them useless as enthusiasts spend their education:

A) scholar, mystic, Sheikh, narrator, commentator and jurist:

1. Sheikh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Shahryar Kazerouni (352/426 AH).

 2 – Owhadi Din Abdullah bin Masood Balyânî Z. Kazerouni (d. 686 AH).

 3. Sheikh Ali Bin Zia Massoud Balyânî Kazerouni Zayn al-Din (d. 693 AH).

 4. Sheikh Amin al-Din Muhammad ibn Zayn al-Din Sheikh Ali (d. 745 AH)

5. Mullah Mohammad Jafar Abdul Sahib adobe adobe Child Development (ca. 1290 AD).

 6. Abousadi Saeed al-Din Muhammad ibn Mas’ud Balyânî Kazerouni (d. 758 AH.).

7. Abu Abdullah Salman Mohammed (R.), son of Farrukh Kazerouni (d. 35 AH).

 8. Sheikh Chile bin Jalaluddin Mohammad Kazerouni (d. 852 AH).

 9. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Najm al-Din Mahmoud Kazerouni (d. 770 AH.)

10. Abdul Salam bin Mohammed Kazerouni (828/858 AH).

 11 – Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Aziz bin Mosaddad Kazerouni (d. 882 AH.).

12 – Bdalzyzbn Salam Kazerouni (born in 817 AH).

 13 – Omar bin Jalaluddin Mohammad Kazerouni (born in 770 AH).

 14. Mosaddad bin Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz Kazerouni (831/873 AH).

 15 – Mirza Saleh Arab groom Famour Kazerouni son of Mirza Seyed Hassan Mousavi Famour Kazerouni (d. 1303 AH).

B) scientist, writer and poet, scholar and jurist:

1. Abvalbrkat Taj al-Din Muhammad Kazerouni “Haj fear” (757/843 AH.).

 2. Abvalmsvd bin Sharaf al-Din Yahya Kazerouni (980/1058 AH).

 3. A. Khatib sign Kazerouni (d. 930 AH).

 4. Abu Salam Ibn Ahmad Kazerouni (d. 626 AH)

 5. Abul Mansur Ahmed bin Kazerouni (516/578 AH.).

 6. Abu al-Walid Ahmed bin Mosaddad Kazerouni (d. After 887 AH).

 7. SMT Mousavi Seyed Abdolreza brick Kazerouni son (d. Ca. 1275 AD).

 8. Allama Jalaluddin Mohammad bin Saad al-Assad racing Kazerouni (830/908 AH).

 9. Jamal al-Din Muhammad ibn Abdullah Kazerouni (d. 843 AH).

10 – son of Syed Ghulam Raza Mohammad Hassan Mousavi adobe (d. 1355 AH).

 11 – Haj Seyed Ali Hakim Kazerouni “mercy” Son of Haj priest (1378/1343 AH).

 12. Sheikh Zaki Din Kazerouni (eighth century).

 13 – S. Kazerouni Abousadi son Saad Eddin M. Balyânî Kazerouni (727/758 AH).

 14 – Mirza Mohammad Hossein Sheikh Hakim Ali Alhkma’ Kazerouni son of Muhammad (d. 1334 AH).

 15 – Sadroleslam Kazerouni son Haj Seyed Ali priest “Mercy” (d. 1336 AH.).

 16 – Hojjat al-Islam and the Muslim descendants of Ishmael Ali Rajabi Davani Kazerouni Rajabi (b. 1308 AH).

 17 – Mullah Ali Kazerouni (1247/1307 AH.).

 18 – Sheikh Abdullah critical Kazerouni (d. 860 AH).

 19 – Haj Mirza Aqa Khosro Haj Abvalhsyn Kazerouni polite child (1264/1339 AH).

 20 – Haj Mirza Mohammad Javad moderator Alhkma’ “wise” son of Hakim Ali Mohammad Kazerouni (d. 1307 AH).

 21 – MH ADIBI Kazerouni son of Ali Murad (1313/1403 AH).

 22 – Taqi al-Din Hosseini Owhadi Balyânî Kazerouni (Live in 1036 AH).

 23 – Sheikh Lotfollah Aladba’ Mirza confirmed Kazerouni “moderator” (1285/1343 AH).

C) The physician, astronomer, historian, college, poet, journalist, author, judge, calligraphy:

1. MR modified Doris Kazerouni newspaper executives modified (13th and 14th centuries AD).

 2. Ali Naqi child well-being updated Kazerouni newspaper executives pretext (1281/1362 AH).

 3. MJ updates Kazerouni child well-being (born 1300)

 4. Mirza Hassan portraitist Kazerouni “scribe” (1272/1336 AH.).

 5. Seyyed Abdollah Hosseini Balyânî “King Mlahsyn” astronomer (Century 10 and 11).

 6. Judge Rafi al-Kazerouni

 7. Mr. Big Semitic son of Mullah Ali Kazerouni (contemporary)

8. Ali Sami son of the great Sir Kazerouni Archeology (1289/1368 AH).

 9. Mirza Mohammad physician Kazerouni “fortune” (d. 1303 BC.).

 10. Zahiroddin Ali bin Mohammed Kazerouni on calligraphy (611/699 AH).

 11. Mirza Ali Azmi Kazerouni director of the weekly newspaper volcano (d. 1337 AH).

 12 – Sheikh Abid Aref Kazerouni (d. 1258 AH).

 13 Ali ibn Muhammad Kazerouni calligraphy (d. 892 AH).

 14 – Khwaja purpose Kazeroon in science

 15. Mohammad Taqi Mir Kazerouni “Mir” Kazerouni Myrabvtalb child (born in 1292).

16 – Haj Mirza Ibrahim rare Kazerouni (d 60. 1258).

17. Mirza A. Kazerouni “Observer” poet and ascetic (d. Ca. 1313 AD)

 18 – Mirza Saleh Shirazi, known as Kazerouni (the first Iranian newspaper was published to all of them)

D) scholar and poet:

1. Mohammad Iqbal Kazerouni known as “Lucky” (Live in 1317 AH).

 2. Mir Mohammad Yousuf Amiri Kazerouni “emir”

 3. Sheikh Mohammed Khan divine Kazerouni “divine” son of Sheikh Abdullah (d. 1322 AH).

 4. H. Javid Kazerouni “eternal” (contemporary).

 5. Jmala Kazerouni “Jmala”

 6. Mir Jamaluddin Kazerouni (may be Jmala) (tenth century AD).

 7. Ahmad Kazerouni “haves” son of Haji Mohammad Hossein (contemporary).

 8. Rashid Kazerouni (d. 920 AH.).

 9. Sayed Abd al-Saeedi Kazerouni “Said” son of Hassan (1246/1324 AH).

 10 – Mirza Mohammad Ali Kazerouni “Celebrity” (d. 1290 AH).

 11 – Filter Kazerouni “filters” (10th century AD).

 12 – Mullah Ali Akbar CL Kazerouni “needy” (831/873 AH).

 13 – Hosseini Balyânî certain “specified” (d. 979 AH).

 14 – Sayed Ali Akbar Tabatabai “orderly” Kazerouni son Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai (1316/1366 AH).

 15 – Regular Seyed Mohammad Hossein Tabatabai, son of Seyed Ali Akbar (born in 1310 Hijri).

 16 – Sayed Asadullah preacher Kazerouni “Vale” son of Syed Ahmad (d. Ca. 1319 AH).

God willing, celebrities and other major contemporary scholars Kazeroon also be introduced in the future.

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