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Dear Sir’s

Maybe a lot of friends and loved ones aware that this site first time about 17 years ago in the form of site administration city opioid and as the first site of the city’s (non-news) started its activities and I am proud of it. I designed it Safes can be purchased ready to use the services of any company or not. The above is not just a claim, but all have detailed documentation and are strong.

Here I must thank my dear friend Mr. Abdul Khwaja born that compassionate providing content and images on the site followed to opioid city is a leader in this field. 

And appreciate the honorable governor Mr. Mohamed prayer time with their effort and at the same time the site-wide radio and television, news channels countries, provinces and newspapers were introduced.

Source of this site over the years many articles and publications in prestigious sites such as Wikipedia has been and still is one of the most comprehensive urban sites of the country.

Ahead of the site’s updated and advanced version of the previous site and will be updated on a daily basis.

Thank you

Reza bahadoran

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